Tannery Books started as a combined bricks-and-mortar and online shop in a small town in North Carolina, opening March 11, 2011. We have a wide variety of used and out-of-print books. We specialize in genealogy, North Carolina history, and Quakers, with occasional splashes of collections that come our way, like Star Trek, Hollywood and aviation. The storefront closed in late 2013, but you can browse our booth at Bush Hill Trading Post, 108 Interstate Drive in Archdale (27263), or browse this site for book selections. You can read more about the evolution of Tannery Books bookshop.

The booth and the website usually have separate inventories to prevent double sales, so if you can't find a book, just ask. In the rare cases a book is sold in the shop before shipping an online order, the order will be canceled and money promptly refunded. Don't forget to sign up for e-mails to hear about new arrivals in both venues.