Indenture - No Cross, No Crown. Discourse ... 1750 by William Penn

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Partial indenture of an apprentice (name and date missing) under John Howell, saddler, bound as endpapers into: William Penn, No Cross, No Crown. Discourse, Shewing the Nature and Discipline of the Holy Cross of Christ ... in Two Parts. London, Luke Hinde, 1750, Ninth Edition.

Uneven quarter leather over leather, 8vo (19 cm), [viii] 380 pp, iv pp person indices.

Fair: pieces of leather missing, boards and pages well worn, title and first index page torn and sewn back together, last index page has large chip missing. Markings include exhortation on flyleaf, 1869 and other po names (D.E. Mendenhall is probably Delphina Mendenhall, who helped emancipate slaves by taking them to Ohio), and ex-library marking in pencil.

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