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Memorabilia of a Star Trek fan and collector, mostly The Original Series (TOS). The highlight of this collection is candid snapshots of stars from Star Trek conventions, many with years and cities or name of convention labeled on the back.

Book David Woodroffe, Make A Model: Starship Enterprise, New York, Chatham River Press, 1990 [The Next Generation – TNG]. Very Good.

Clippings: Three news clippings, 1985-1990. Photos and artwork from magazines and calendars (TOS, TNG), two have bug-damaged edges.

Letters: Letter dated 20 June 1977, with 19 film clips from Impulse with William Shatner. Typed letter from fellow sci-fi fan dated 1982. Typed letter from Bill Kraft, advocate for the Star Trek stamp, dated 1990.

Manuscripts and Art : Two original drawings of Kirk and laughing Spock, undated, by MSS or MFF. Thin cream-colored paper, 7x10 inches. Kirk has very light creasing and light smudge at bottom; both have light red pressed marks on rear top edge.
Vivian Bedene, mimeograph or photocopy of a poem and drawing with a tiny Spock on a flower.
Jimmy Thornton [possibly the writer for Star Trek: Voyager], signed note and 10 typed pages, "œThe Real Star of Star Trek or ... Numb Nerve Nimoy,” mentioned as published in one of the first Star Trek Annuals. Good: staples rusting, paperclip residue.

Miscellany : Flyer for Grace Lee Whitney Fan Club, updated 4/89. Commander insignia pin. Hologram badge, 1992. Six Star Trek: The Motion Picture iron-ons in brown envelope. French postcard for Star Trek III: A la Recherche de Spock. Holographic postcard for Star Trek: First Contact, adhesive residue on verso. Two calendars, marked by po, including "club meetings": 1993 Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country and 1992 Star Trek: The Next Generation. Patent Copy of United States Patent for Toy Spaceship, USS Enterprise, dated 15 Sept. 1981.

Photos:“ Amateur: 31 color snapshots of various sizes from Star Trek conventions, including George Takei (1977 New York, 1977, undated), DeForest Kelly (1976 Chicago multiple, 1976, New York multiple, undated), James Doohan (1976 multiple, 1983 St. Louis), Leonard Nimoy (1986 St. Louis, undated multiple, 1983 multiple), Bill Shatner (1976). Three snapshots of Riverside Area Community Club sign and model of Enterprise. Snapshots of Star Trek collector's room with walls covered in memorabilia, eight [126 style] 3.5x3.5-inch with writing on the back [possibly a different collector, as descriptions seem to continue a conversation], five [35mm] dated 1990-1991.
Publicity photos: Seven 9x7-inch TOS color prints, Langley Associates, some copyright 1976, Captain Kirk heavily scuffed. One 8x10 print of TNG cast copyright 1987. Five 8x10 pinups (TOS and TNG), many with pinholes in corners, Dr. McCoy scuffed. One 8.5x11 of Spock and McCoy with LLAP gesture, corners creased and small tear at top. Seven approx. 7x9 prints, Langley & Associates, 1976. Light scuffing and some pinholes; Kirk has light moisture damage to back. Small TOS publicity photos, some with markings, some with soiling or tape residue on verso: 39 -3.5x5-inch, some printed 1977. Four 3.5x5 postcards, one with writing on verso. Three 4x6 including two "œminiposters" published 1974. Six 2.5x3.5 scenes. One 2x3 photo of Spock smiling in character. One glossy bw 3x4.5 photo of Kirk and Spock, labeled second season, 1-inch tear on bottom edge. Matted 5x7 photo of TOS scene. Developer's envelope with three strips of negatives and possibly more film clips. Film clip in plastic baggie, baggie soiled.

Stamps : Full book (20) of Space Fantasy 29-cent stamps. Sheet of Grenada stamps, "The Ships of STAR TREK."