Star Trek: set of six movie titles

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All are First Pocket Books printing, mmpb. Star Trek, The Motion Picture by Gene Roddenberry (and Alan Dean Foster and Harold Livingston), Dec. 1979; Star Trek, The Wrath of Khan, Vonda N. McIntyre et al, July 1982; Star Trek III, The Search for Spock, Vonda N. McIntyre (& Harve Bennett), June 1984; Star Trek IV, The Voyage Home, Vonda N. McIntyre et al (incl. Leonard Nimoy), Dec. 1986; Star Trek V, The Final Frontier, J.M. Dillard et al (William Shatner), June 1989; Star Trek VI, The Undiscovered Country, J.M. Dillard et al (Leonard Nimoy) Jan. 1992. I, III-VI Good: light bumping and creases, some tanning, no markings, sticker residue on V. II (Khan) is Fair: large crease on cover, sticker damage with tear on lower left corner. Individually priced, 23.00 USD.