The High Point Enterprise - 33 issues 1960s

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The High Point Enterprise, High Point, N.C., The High Point Enterprise, Inc. Broadside: width 15 in. (38 cm), issues vary from 12 to 76 pp.

Collection of 33 issues covering major events in 1960s American history: 21 consecutive issues from 22 Nov. to 12 Dec. 1963, especially highlighting President John F. Kennedy's assassination, plus Frank Sinatra Jr.'€™s kidnapping; 10 Nov. 1965 highlights a major blackout in New York and New Jersey; 11 consecutive issues from 14 July to 24 July 1969 cover Apollo 11. Other highlights include desegregation and racial clashes, Black Panthers, hostage crises, news of local servicemen, Viet Nam, communist tensions and the arms race, wars in Central America, Joe Namath, local reaction to "€œthe pill,"€ Lee Harvey Oswald'€™s family, and a local counterfeit ring.

Good: lightly tanned, edges bumped, up to 1-inch tears with no loss, verifiable pages and several ad sections present except the following: 11-22-63 has an obituary cut out of section B; 11-24-63 has 64 of 72 pp (sections A-D present plus Sunday weekly, crossword has markings); 11-25-63 has 4-inch tear in section C with no loss; 12-2-63 has 18 of 26 pp (sections A-B), 7-23-69 has 36 of 60 pp, but sections A-D present; 12-5-63 has a large tear on front page with no loss; and 11-10-65 only has section A.

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